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    people accusing block b of objectifying women and it turns out the lyrics for H.E.R are about how girls should feel good about themselves the way they are

    do you feel dumb now

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  2. amen
  3. playful baekxing during wolf. 

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  4. baekhyun stop it
  5. Someone’s getting a bit worked up over Taeil’s cute little feet…

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  6. taeil he was so tiny I wanted to hug him ;3;
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  8. n BB
  9. cr: N My Heart ♡ please do not edit.

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  10. n glasses!bubu is my favourite bubu
  11. 140720 N’s letter at HEX SIGN


    I still remember the first time you came into the practice room, you didn’t know what to do with yourself. You held out your hand for a handshake and smiled awkwardly. Taekwoon-ah, thank you for being my friend who is similar to me in different aspects.

    Our Jaehwanie who bragged about his older hyung that he looked like actor Ha Jungwoo sunbae and his younger hyung that he looked like actor Wonbin sunbae. You are full of curiosity and so playful but you have a reversal to your personality. I was surprised with your singing and how you, someone who has never danced before, learned a dance in a couple of weeks. I thought a lot about working harder as a hyung. Our cute dongsaeng (younger one/brother), Jaehwan-ah, this is a secret but I think you look handsomer than your older and younger hyungs.

    Wonsik-ah, I can never forget the first time I met you when I felt (took impression of) your aura and eyes. You have really cool dance skills and rap skills. You also have a very lovable and warm heart that no one has. You are my dongsaeng (younger one/brother) who has been a big strength deep inside of me. Thank you. I need you so I have my strength.

    You have taught me that people teach others that they shine. How is your name Lee Hongbin also? A handsome appearance and strong confidence. You are the best of the best “cold city man” I have ever met. We were practicing for over a month to prepare for our showcase when you suddenly wanted to quit, running out of the practice room and wandering around for a while. Although you were the one whose inside was decaying and burning, thank you for always knowing hyung’s mind. My dongsaeng (younger one/brother) Hongbin-ah, hyung is so so happy that we were able to do this together. Out of all of us, you are the one who has worked the hardest and coolly made your dream come true. I am so proud of your confident appearance. Thank you so much.

    Our maknae who is unfamiliar with everything, I still remember that side of you so clearly. Our Hyukkie reminds me of myself when I first started my practice. When you were experiencing a rough time and had the possibility of not being able to debut with us, we couldn’t have seen that performance with Ravi today, right? Don’t you think that VIXX couldn’t have received this much love? Our maknae Hyukkie, you have a limitless amount of potential.

    As we have met each other with different appearances, we passed by so many (kinds of) relationships (with each other). Nobody could have predicted this miracle of VIXX comprising of us 6 people. Whenever we want to give up or occasionally want to let everything go, we encourage each other and have loving members, therefore we are able to endure it.

    Taekwoon-ah, Jaehwan-ah, Hongbin-ah, Wonsik-ah, Sanghyuk-ah. Thank you and thank you so much for following me and being with me to become the VIXX that we are today, standing in front of so many Starlights who are looking only at us at our solo concert. Also, my mom and dad who I love as much as I love Starlights, I love you a lot and thank you.

    Lastly, my Starlights who can understand me by just looking into my eyes and vice versa and who are always on my side, thank you so much and I love you.
    My Starlights.
    I love you!

    Source: for_myuniverse
    Translated by Erica @ withVIXX.com
    Please take out with full credits!

  12. n you are the sweetest man to ever exist
do not edit | © Charisma

    do not edit | © Charisma

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  14. leo don't look at me like that hOW DARE YOU
  15. caspiring:

    140720 HEX SIGN / 빅스 애교

    Do not EDIT & REUPDATE!

  16. vixx I literally cannot deal with them I was cackling this entire video
  17. omg-ottoke:


  18. n was a stripper in a past life
  19. exo’s sweat

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  20. xiumin oh well well then